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With the aim of addressing the dynamic needs of telecommunication industry, APEXERS comes as pioneers in the industry of Telecom Tower Construction. Providing experienced professionals, with a broad range of industry tools.
APEXERS was founded with extensive experience to operate in a professional manner to serve the Telecommunication Industry and related sectors. Our growth rate has bypassed year over year over 200% growth in the sector and we are proud to deliver a full menu of technical services, from updating existing technologies to new LTE and 5G technology.

Our project managers and experienced field personnel are passionate in supporting clients during installation process throughout all the project phases which consist of:

1- Conception. 2- Productivity. 3- Installation. 4- Commission.

APEXERS manages all aspects of site construction and project execution to ensure continuity and quality, in spite of site conditions.
Each crew at APEXERS has years of experience in guy towers, self-supporting towers and monopoles, complete with antennas, lines and attachments, under all conditions. The toughest installation problems are met with innovative solutions and practical perspective.

Our after service follow up is unique, as we verify transmission lines, certify that the project meets client specifications, applicable standards, and ensure client satisfaction.

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The knowledge of quality

Welcome to Apexers Inc.. We are a full service Construction Company offering a wide range of customizable services to fit all of our customers’ needs. Take a look through our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. One of our team members would be happy to help.

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Our mission is to become the leading Firm in Telecom Infrastructure and Services by offering our clients products and services developed in sync with technology trends, using best infrastructure and in compliance with highest standards.


APEXERS aims to set a benchmark in the Telecom Industry by providing services that enable clients to leverage the right infrastructure in order to control costs and monetize new services

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At APEXERS we pride ourselves with the level of our internal and external communication.


Our teams work together side by side with excellent communication and completing all tasks we honer. Business challenges and deal with problems in professional manner.
All of our crewmen have the required certificates, experience to get the job done on time with guaranteed excellence.

APEXERS have developed the skills and knowledge to tackle any problem that might appear during the work process in a quick and effective way using state of art equipment to preform the tasks safely with quality craftsmanship always in mind.

Everyday at APEXERS, we learn to improve and train our staff to enhance our outcomes, and the results are distinguished.

All of our crewmen are trained and have full knowledge of safety requirements, protocols, and always aware of each site risks and challenges.

Our certifications and training includes:
Work at heights certificates, Elevated work platforms, RF awareness, Fall protection and prevention, Aerial rescue for tower climbing, Rope access, Aerial descent , Safety in rigging, High angle rescue, Competent climber/rescuer, CPR First AID, Lock out tag out, WHMIS.

As our service in the telecom industry we know the challenges of delivering and deadlines, At APEXERS we work together to meet the deadlines and guaranty a satisfied client, As we have the ability to manoeuvre fast and effectively from site to site to support our clients.

Proposed Solutions ( APEXERS Solutions)

At APEXERS we pride ourselves as team work,
We all together work side by side with excellent communication and completing all tasks we honour and never quite if any challenge appears,
All of our crewmen have the required certificates , experience and advisors for any challenge that might appear.

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At APEXERS we pride ourselves with the level of our internal and external communication


APEXERS has a target on building trusted relationships and focusing on the bigger picture, working together to help build the future we all deserve,

We have amazing communication skills and are hard hard working team
At APEXERS we have a commitment to our team, thats one of our key metrics that keeps us ahead.

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RF services.
Construction services.
Technical services.
Termination of D.C and F/O truck or single Reinforcement.
Installation of antennas, RRUsh, mounts, cable trays, conduit E.M.T, P.V.C. Supervision over. welding, coring.
LDF4, LDF5 terminations.
New site build.
Electrical installation from wiring a Rectifier to new service installation . Rope access.
Microwave commissioning, and re-orientation.



-Self-support towers

-Guy towers-


-Micro poles
-4 legged towers Water towers

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We have handled every kind of tower upgrade, installation of steerable microwave systems, and correction of deficiencies. Even in remote sites under rigorous conditions, whether you require installation and testing of digital microwave systems, and or HSPA, LTE, 5G.

Swapping / upgrading the existing Telecom System into the advanced technology. Installation & de-installation and commissioning of GSM/UMTS/3G BTS equipment. Technical site survey.
Pre installation planning.

Equipment installation and commissioning.
Our Telecom Implementation Management Process enables customers to receive information and status updates on the network in a transparent, accurate and efficient manner.
Our Safety & quality checks ensure the standard and safety of our work for the benefit of our clients.
VSWR Measurement and rectification.
RSSI Troubleshooting
All types of MW Installation, commissioning & link rectification

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APPEXERS has customer centric approach for providing End to End solution, driven towards higher standard of quality and continuous improvement in all active operation and maintenance.
We practice to create the highest level of efficiency possible in order to balance costs with revenue to maximize net operating profit and executing large scale projects across all Ontario, implementing for most of the leading brand’s equipment such as Ericsson and Nokia.
All these implementations includes New Networks, Swap, Expansions and Upgrading existing projects. We have professionally trained technicians proven field experience in all the existing Telecom Technologies such as 2G, & 4G

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Vandalism, lightning strikes, service drop-off, aging equipment, all result in a need for service, whether pre-planned or emergency. Our project management and field teams have the expertise and experience to solve any service problem which may arise, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services available under this program include general troubleshooting, antenna system testing and maintenance, the change-out of antennas, lines and/or connectors, lighting maintenance, microwave dish re-orientation or removal, grounding changes or repairs, and much more. For non-emergency services, such as routine maintenance or a program of site inspections, a comprehensive plan can be developed in advance, to meet the client's needs.


In order to provide consistent and reliable services, addressing operations and maintenance requirements are crucial for a telecom service provider. Breakdown maintenance, fault rectification, periodic health check, fuel filling for power backup systems, etc. are some passive maintenance services that every telecom cell site requires to ensure uninterrupted operations.

At APEXERS we provide customized, scalable, integrated, reliable, responsive and cost effective solutions for operations and maintenance requirements, both active and passive, of the telecom industry.

We provide Preventive, Corrective, Routine and Breakdown Maintenance including Diesel Filling in the Cell Sites.

We provide DG maintenance, diesel filling, first level maintenance for DG, ATS Panel, UPS, Fire Alarm System, battery voltage, battery charger and electrical installation of the prefabs / building and in case of any discrepancy report it to etc.

• Preventive Maintenance services as per the SOW
• Corrective Maintenance
• DG servicing, AC servicing and Over Hauling in accordance with the specification by OEM / Customer
• Break down Maintenance like tracking of Alarms for site outages and link failures
• Diesel filling according to the PLAN to ensure the availability of HSD in the DG tank
• Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) Measurement for RF feeder cables
• Verification and correction of RF cables
• Validation of antenna orientations and corrections if required

Our Passive Maintenance services cover the following Telecom Infrastructure: • Power Plant
• Diesel Generator

• Fire Alarm System • Battery Bank
• Air Conditioners
• Shelters

• Earth Pits
• Other Electrical Elements


Optical Fiber Cable Layout & Maintenance ( Coming Soon )
APEXERS provides the most professional services for Operations, Maintenance & Laying of Optical Fibre Cables for the leading telecom brands in the region. We have all the latest technology, infrastructure & team of professional to handle this entire procedure with an ease. Our professional approach and the state-of-the art infrastructure puts us ahead of our competition in this field.

During out contract with the companies, we ensure that we take care of the Optical Fibre Cable network in the most professional manner so that the service provider and their clients can avail uninterrupted service.

Our Services: ( Coming Soon )
• Overall maintenance and fault rectifications of fiber network.
• Operation & Maintenance of OFC network with Rectifications of Degraded faulty fibers. • Laying of Optical fiber cable with various methods (HDD, Molling, Trenching).
• Planning & survey of Optical fiber cable route.
• Fiber Related Activities like Trenching, Duct Laying, Blowing, Splicing, etc.
• Execution Planning & updating in co-ordination with Engineers for OFC laying with complete work.
• Preparation of documentation related to OFC laying ( Termination Plan, etc.)
• O&M of copper networks.
• Laying of copper cables.
• Site survey.
• Swapping / cut over of broad band networks.

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Address:     1153 Pioneer Rd

                  Burlington  ON L7M 1K5

                Canada B2 Unit F

Phone:    +1(833) 969-1212


+1 416 990 7078

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